Isaac Asimov's Short Fiction: Poems and Lyrics Index

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The Guide to Asimov's Short Fiction

Poems and Lyrics

The Foundation of S F Success (Oct 1954)
How to Succeed at Science Fiction Without Really Trying (Nov 1956)
Author's Ordeal (May 1957)
Tale of the Pioneer (Summer 1957)
Oh, That Lost Sense of Wonder (Jan 1958)
I Just Make Them Up, See! (Feb 1958)
The Thunder-Thieves (It's All How You Look at It) (Oct 1958)
Rejection Slips (1959)
The Prime of Life (Oct 1966)
The One Thing Lacking
A Fuller Explanation of Original Sin
Amanita Phalloides (May 1984)
Arrow Poison (May 1984)
Arsenic (May 1984)
Belladonna (Jun 1984)
Botulism (Jun 1984)
Curare (Jun 1984)
Phosgene (Jul 1984)
Potassium Cyanide (Jul 1984)
Triply Unique (Jul 1984)
Snake Venom (Aug 1984)
Strychnine (Aug 1984)
The Gilbert and Sullivan Enthusiasts (1991)

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