Isaac Asimov's Short Fiction: Black Widowers Mystery Stories Index

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The Guide to Asimov's Short Fiction

Black Widowers Mysteries

The Acquisitive Chuckle (Jan 1972)
Ph as in Phony (The Phony Ph.D.) (Jul 1972)
Truth to Tell (The Man Who Never Told a Lie) (Oct 1972)
Go, Little Book! (The Matchbook Collector) (Dec 1972)
Early Sunday Morning (The Biological Clock) (Mar 1973)
The Obvious Factor (May 1973)
The Pointing Finger (Jul 1973)
Miss What? (A Warning to Miss Earth) (Sep 1973)
The Lullaby of Broadway (1974)
Yankee Doodle Went To Town (1974)
The Curious Omission (1974)
Out of Sight (The Six Suspects) (Dec 1973)
When No Man Pursueth (Mar 1974)
Quicker Than the Eye (May 1974)
The Iron Gem (A Chip of the Black Stone) (Jul 1974)
The Three Numbers (All in the Way You Read It) (Sep 1974)
Nothing Like Murder (Oct 1974)
No Smoking (Confessions of an American Cigarette Smoker) (Dec 1974)
Season's Greetings! (1976)
The One and Only East (Mar 1975)
Earthset and Evening Star (Oct 1975)
Friday the Thirteenth (Jan 1976)
The Unabridged (1976)
The Ultimate Crime (1976)
The Cross of Lorraine (May 1976)
The Family Man (A Case of Income-tax Fraud) (Nov 1976)
The Sports Page (Apr 1977)
The Missing Item (Winter 1977)
The Next Day (May 1978)
Irrelevance! (A Matter of Irrelevance) (Mar 1979)
None So Blind (Jun 1979)
To the Barest (Aug 1979)
The Backward Look (Sep 1979)
Second Best (1980)
What Time Is It? (1980)
Middle Name (1980)
Sixty Million Trillion Combinations (May 5, 1980)
The Woman in the Bar (The Man Who Pretended to Like Baseball) (Jun 30, 1980)
The Driver (1984)
The Good Samaritan (Sep 10, 1980)
The Year of the Action (The Gilbert and Sullivan Mystery) (Jan 1, 1981)
Can You Prove It? (Jun 17, 1981)
The Phoenician Bauble (May 1982)
A Monday in April (May 1983)
Neither Brute Nor Human (Apr 1984)
The Redhead (Oct 1984)
The Wrong House (1984)
The Intrusion (1984)
The Fourth Homonym (Mar 1985)
Unique Is Where You Find It (1985)
The Lucky Piece (1990)
Triple Devil (Aug 1985)
Sunset on the Water (Jun 1986)
Where Is He? (Oct 1986)
The Old Purse (The Snatched Purse) (Mar 1987)
The Quiet Place (Mar 1988)
The Four-Leaf Clover (1990)
The Envelope (Apr 1989)
The Alibi (Sep 1989)
The Recipe (1990)
Northwestward (1990)
Yes, But Why? (Spring 1990)
Lost in a Space Warp (Mar 1990)
Police at the Door (Jun 1990)
The Haunted Cabin (Oct 1990)
The Guest's Guest (Aug 1991)

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