A Guide to Isaac Asimov's Short Fiction

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This guide to Isaac Asimov's short fiction is intended to serve as a one-stop reference to all of his published short fiction. If you know the title of a story, and want to know which, if any, collections or anthologies it appears in, you can find out here.

Also listed is the publication in which each of his stories first appeared. Most of the stories appeared first in science fiction and fantasy magazines, but some have made their first appearance in books, collections, anthologies, and non-SF magazines.

Though Asimov was most famous for his science fiction, he also wrote a good number of mystery stories, and even combined the genres to create science fiction mysteries. He also wrote a few pieces that could be classified as fantasy. The science fiction mysteries and fantasies are grouped here together with the science fiction.

A distinct selection of fantasy sources are placed in their own group, however. These are the stories of George and his impish little friend Azazel.

The non-SF mysteries are placed into four groups: the Black Widower mysteries, the Union Club mysteries, the Larry mysteries, and miscellaneous mysteries. The Black Widower mysteries concern an idiosyncratic group of men who meet regularly for dinner and try to solve mysteries, but to no avail, as their waiter Henry always finds the solution first. The Union Club mysteries feature three men who meet at the Union Club, and wake up the sleeping Griswold, who presents a mystery to them. When they are unable to come up with a solution, he gives them the answer. The Larry stories are juvenile mysteries that feature Larry, a junior high school student who solves cases for his father, a police detective. Finally there are the miscellaneous mysteries that don't fall into any of the other categories.

Asimov also occasionally dabbled in poetry, usually humorous pieces, sometimes parodies, and some "Detectiverse" pieces that have murder mystery themes. Though Asimov also wrote several books of limericks, they are not listed here.

I have made every effort to be complete and accurate, but alas, there may be mistakes or omissions. If you find any, or can provide missing dates and titles marked by "???", I encourage you to contact me and let me know. Enjoy!

Ed Seiler


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